DualStar BNR Aerator

Two functions in one machine
  • The new DualStar BNR Aerator is the result of consistent development of the internationally successful OxyStar Aerator
  • The DualStar BNR Aerator combines the two most important functions in wastewater treatment:
    • Effective aeration and simultaneous mixing during the nitrification phase
    • Agitating and mixing without oxygen supply during the denitrification phase
  • Problem-free integration in existing plants due to flexible installation possibilities
    • On robust floats for basins with varying water level (SBR-plants, etc.)
    • Or with individually designed mounting brackets
  • Model either with a switchable blower or with an innovative automatic shut-off valve
  • Heavy-Duty-Model for special applications available


  • Only one machine for nitrification and denitrification phases
  • Cost-reduction due to double function
  • Ideally suited for SBR-plants
  • Consistently high performance thanks to the clog-proof propeller
  • No seals and bearings in submerged machine parts
  • Use of high-quality corrosion-resistant materials
  • All submerged machine parts are made of stainless steel or GRP
  • Minimum noise level, no spray water, no aerosols
  • Long lifetime and minimized maintenance requirements
  • Easy handling due to low weight


DualStar BNR Aerators in SBR lagoon of a municipal WWTP in Germany
DualStar BNR Aerator in a wastewater lagoon in Spain
Application of DualStar BNR Aaerator in an activated sludge tank in France
DualStar BNR Aerator in SBR-basin of cheese factory in Germany