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Tailored solutions from FUCHS

FUCHS Aerators, Mixers, and Agitators are known for their extraordinary quality and longevity. Complementary to these specialized components, FUCHS offers diverse high-value system solutions for wastewater and sewage sludge treatment, with a track record of more than 40 years! Neutralization of alkaline wastewater, cleaning of rain basins and fixed-bed plants for carbon removal and nitrification are among those applications that complete our portfolio.

Neutralization of alkaline wastewater

Alkaline wastewater is produced in many industries and must be neutralized prior to introducing it to the biological WWTP or canalization.

  • Wastewater from textile industry
  • Wastewater from laundries
  • Wastewater from sand-lime brick factories

The neutralization with carbon dioxide from flue gas is an environmentally friendly and cost-effective process. The required flue gas is readily available without costs from in-house heating systems or power plants in many industries.

The FUCHS Centrox Aerator with Gas Intake was specifically engineered for this application in order to inject flue gas as fine bubbles directly into the alkaline wastewater without an additional blower.

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Cleaning of storm water tanks

Rainwater retention basins or overflow basins store the additional wastewater from strong rainfall events. The particles in that water settle at the floor of the basin in the form of sludge. In order to prevent peak loads in downstream WWTPs, the water needs to be agitated to suspend the particles uniformly and maintain a uniform concentration in the effluent.

The FUCHS TurboStar Mixer with submersible motor is used in storm water tanks for suspending settled particles, agitating and mixing. The TurboStar Mixer has a simple design, is robust and prevents fibers from adhering due to its special designed propeller.
Further applications for mixers with submersible motors from FUCHS include buffer tanks, discontinuous operated thickeners, and small sludge silos.

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Fixed-bed systems

FUCHS fixed-bed systems with wholly submersed and aerated fixed-beds are powerful and cost-effective systems for the biological wastewater treatment. They are applied as full biological treatment with or without nitrogen oxidation, as nitrification step of a multistage process, or as downstream process for nitrification of residual ammonia. Fixed-bed systems are suitable for new as well as for retrofitting existing WWTP. Especially in combination with wastewater lagoons many advantages can be exploited.

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