AeroStar Aerator

Surface aerator with vertical shaft
  • FUCHS surface aerator with vertical shaft and stable operating behavior
  • Application in activated sludge plants, mixing and equalization basins as well as wastewater lagoons
  • Effective aeration and mixing of wastewater
  • High oxygen yields through innovative impellers
  • Quiet and stable performance
  • Problem free integration in existing plants through flexible installation possibilities
    • on floats for application in lagoons and basins with varying water levels
    • or with individually designed mounting brackets for walls and bridges
  • Individualized models for any application available (Premium Medium Speed, Economic Fast Speed, Slow Speed)
  • „Heavy-Duty“ model for special applications available


  • Long lifetime and reduced maintenance due to high grade machine parts and high manufacturing standards
  • High grade three-phase motors
  • Driving shaft, impeller, and flange plate made of stainless steel
  • Easy and flexible installation on robust floats or individually designed mounting brackets for bridges


Treatment of mine water (CO2-Stripping)
AeroStar Aerators in inlet tank of a mine water treatment plant
Retrofit in a wastewater lagoon with shallow water depth
AeroStar Aerators in a wastewater lagoon of a WWTP on the Ivory Coast