Equalization basins

Activation and mixing with FUCHS Aerators and Mixers

Equalization basins are most often used upstream of SBR plants and industrial activated sludge tanks. Here, peak loads are buffered and the flow to downstream processes is equalized. The design of the basins is usually done for a daily or weekly equalization.
FUCHS offers numerous solutions according to the needs of our clients. Reliable and robust FUCHS TurboStar Mixers or FlowStar Agitators are applied for an intensive mixing.
In case additional activation of the wastewater is necessary, FUCHS OxyStar Aerators, Centrox Aerators, or AeroStar Aerators will do the job.
Uncontrolled foam formation can be avoided through the use of Centrox Aerators with foam control.
Equalization basins are usually operated with varying filling heights. Therefore, all FUCHS machines can be installed on robust floats.