Mine water treatment

Mine water from brown coal mining is often characterized by an acidic pH value and high iron and sulphate contents. These waters must be treated before being discharged into the receiving water. In most cases, a discharge concentration of < 3 mg/l is required for iron.
For treating mine water, a proven chemical process is often applied. This essentially involves raising the pH value by adding lime and the targeted oxidation of iron with subsequent flocculation and sedimentation. Our proven OxyStar aerators in “heavy-duty” design are used.
If the mine water contains a lot of free carbon dioxide, a physical desorption stage can be added upstream of the chemical stage. By deliberately stripping out carbon dioxide with our AeroStar aerators, significant quantities of neutralizing agents can be saved in the downstream chemical stage and operating costs can be significantly reduced.

OxyStar Aerators for the oxidation of mine water
OxyStar Aerators with maintenance-optimized wall bracket
„Heavy-duty“ application with OxyStar Aerators
AeroStar Aerators for the desorption of CO2 in mine water