Rendering plants and slaughter houses

In addition to organic pollutants, the wastewater resulting from rendering plants contains high amounts of nitrogen. For biological treatment, only low loaded activated sludge systems can be used, which largely eliminate nitrogen through nitrification and denitrification.

Wastewater from slaughterhouses mostly contains coarse matter, undissolved and dissolved organic pollutants and high amounts of nitrogen. The mechanical-biological treatment is expediently carried out by means of a sieve system, static fat separator or turbo-flotation, mixing and equalization basin, possibly dissolved air flotation (DAF) to separate the undissolved contaminants and a low loaded activated sludge plant with nitrogen elimination.

OxyStar aerator in activated sludge lagoon of a rendering plant
OxyStar aerator in an activated sludge tank of a slaughterhouse
Oxidation ditch of a poultry slaughterhouse with OxyStar aerators
Floating OxyStar aerators in an activated sludge tank of a slaughterhouse