Aerated lagoons

with FUCHS Aerators – an ideal combination

Aerated lagoons have their strength in low maintenance and high process stability, even at peak loads. The introduction of rainwater can easily be treated through stock-up operation. The construction costs are usually very low. FUCHS Aerators are perfectly suitable for wastewater lagoon systems. Through the fine-bubble aeration and directed horizontal flow, the active biomass is uniformly supplied with oxygen and the total lagoon volume is thoroughly mixed.

Advantages and Applications

  • Cost effective wastewater treatment for municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Well suited for co-treatment of rainwater for mixed sewage designs
  • Low maintenance and high process stability even with peak loads
  • Effective fine-bubble aeration and mixing with OxyStar and Centrox aerators
  • Deployment of FUCHS Aerators is possible in virtually all lagoon systems:
    • Small round lagoons
    • Very large rectangular lagoons
    • Water depth between 1 m and 5 m
    • Upgrading of non-aerated lagoons to improvement the performance
    • Retrofit or upgrade of old aeration systems
  • Simple addition to FUCHS fixed-bed systems, if further water treatment is required



Upgrading of non-aerated lagoons (sugar factory in the Czech Republic)


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