Aeration of sludge

FUCHS Centrox Aerator with Foam Control keeps sludge fresh

Sludge is an utmost reactive medium. Especially an extended storage of sludge in liquid form can lead to unpleasant odor creation, that is not only a nuisance to neighbors.
Through aeration of the sludge, the development of digestion gas is inhibited and the sludge is maintained fresh. An additional treatment of the exhaust air in expensive odor control plants is not necessary.
Existing sludge storage tanks can be upgraded with FUCHS Centrox Aerators with foam control. These will care for a thorough aeration and mixing of the sludge with simultaneous foam limitation.
Open tanks with varying filling heights can be equipped with FUCHS Aerators too. Using floats, the aerators will always be at the correct height.


  • Long-standing and tested machine equipment
  • A single machine for aeration, mixing and foam control
  • Utilization of existing basins
  • Low investment costs
  • Industrial and municipal applications
  • Keeps sludge fresh and odor formation is suppressed
  • Post-stabilization of sludge possible


Sludge aeration with robust FUCHS technology
Stabilization of municipal sludge
Aeration, mixing and foam control with a single machine
Sludge storage with FUCHS Centrox Aerator with foam control