Sugar industry

Sugar is mainly obtained from beets or sugar cane. The raw sugar is produced on a seasonal basis. The organically highly contaminated wastewater must first be pretreated mechanically. For biological treatment, aerated stacking ponds are a possibility, maybe in combination with a low-pollution activated sludge system. FUCHS has the know-how for the design and equipment of such plants.

OxyStar Aerators in a sugar mill in Morocco
Aerated stacking lagoon of a sugar mill

Vegetable processing

Fruit and vegetables are harvested and processed seasonally. First of all, the coarse material has to be separated from the waste water. A mixing and equalization basin follows accordingly. Aerated lagoons or activated sludge systems can be used for the biological treatment. The systems are to be designed according to the particularities of each individual company.

Centrox Aerator in a wastewater lagoon of fruit juice factory
Irrigation lagoons for berry fruits
Irrigation lagoons with OxyStar Aerators
Aerated lagoon of a wholesale market for vegetables

Dairy industry

In the dairy industry, most of the wastewater is generated when cleaning transport and production facilities. The organic constituents of the wastewater mainly come from milk and product residues. The waste water is treated appropriately by sieving, buffering and biologically in a low loaded activated sludge plant.

SBR lagoon of a cheese factory
OxyStar Aerators in a dairy in France
Replacement of an old rotating brush aerator of a dairy cattle facility
Aerated basins of a dairy in Belgium