Aerobic Digestion

Sludge stabilization at mesophilic temperatures

The stabilization of sludge is a prerequisite for an agricultural application. This process is enhanced through a separated aerobic sludge stabilization and existing activated sludge plants will be disencumbered. Depending on the requirements, the process is similarly applicable for the stabilization and sanitation of pig and cattle manure at thermophilic temperatures (>50 °C).
When aerated and contained in closed tanks with an increasing concentration of the sludge, the temperature of the sludge rises by itself to mesophilic conditions (~35 °C). This allows for short retention times and small reactor sizes for the stabilization.
The FUCHS Centrox Aerator with foam control combines aeration, mixing, and foam limitation within one machine. The combination of small reactors and cost-effective machines reduces the investment costs to a minimum.
The aerobic stabilization process is very robust and can easily be commissioned and controlled. Together with the reliable FUCHS Centrox Aerator with foam control, the process offers a user-friendly solution especially for small and medium size WWTPs.


  • Proven machine equipment from FUCHS
  • Only one machine for aeration, mixing, and foam control
  • Utilization of existing basins possible
  • Easy extension of plants
  • Treatment of excess sludge, mixed sludge, and fatty sludge
  • Short retention times in process
  • Low space requirements through small reactor design
  • Low investment costs
  • Industrial and municipal applications
  • Fertilizer as end product with high plant compatibility


FUCHS Centrox Aerator with foam control
Sludge aeration with proven machine technique
Aeration, mixing and foam control with one machine
FUCHS Centrox Aerator with foam control installed with cover