Replacement and retrofit

FUCHS Aerators – flexible applicable

FUCHS Aerators with their low maintenance requirements and operating costs are ideally suited for the replacement of old aeration systems, as addition to existing aeration equipment, or for retrofitting of activated sludge and lagoon plants. Rotating brush, low speed rotary aerators, and compressed-air aeration are easily replaced or supplemented without interrupting the operation. Existing basins or lagoons can be further used without problems.

Advantages and applications

  • Easy integration of FUCHS Aerators into existing plants
  • Applicable for municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Retrofitting without emptying the basins, therefore no process interruption
  • Installation of FUCHS Aerators on floats or on walls and bridges with brackets
  • Short-notice rental assignments for reconstruction projects are possible too
  • Application in virtually any tank geometry possible:
    • Ring- or combined process tanks
    • Round- or rectangular tanks
    • Carrousel tanks or oxidation ditches
    • Water depth between 1 m and 5 m
    • Retrofitting of shallow unaerated wastewater lagoons is possible too



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