Mine water treatment

a heavy-duty application with FUCHS Aerators

Mine water from brown coal mining is often characterized by its acidic pH and high iron and sulfate concentrations. Before discharging into the receiving water, treatment of the mine water is necessary. In most cases the required effluent concentration of iron is < 3 mg/l.
FUCHS Aerators are successfully in operation in numerous large mine water treatment plants for the past 20+ years.

Fields of application

  • Aimed oxidation of iron and manganese with OxyStar Aerators through effective oxygen injection and intensive mixing
  • Stripping of free carbon dioxide with AeroStar Aerator for a reduction of operating costs
  • Mounted on floats or fixated on walls or bridges with brackets
  • Application in virtually any basin geometry possible:
    • Round or rectangular basins
    • Carrousel tanks
    • Applied in water depths between 1 m and 5 m


OxyStar Aerators
36 OxyStar units for oxidation of mine water
„Heavy-duty“ application with OxyStar Aerators
„Heavy-duty“ application with OxyStar Aerators
AeroStar Aerators for desorption of CO2 in mine water
AeroStar Aerators on floats for stripping of carbon dioxide
AeroStar Aerators on floats for stripping of carbon dioxide