Centrox Aerator with Foam Control

Special aerator for applications with foam issues


  • For aeration of sewage sludge and liquid manure
  • For aeration of wastewater with intense foam formation
  • Application preferred in mixing and equalization basins or existing tanks
  • Aeration, mixing, and foam control with only one machine
  • No formation of spray water, no cooling in winter, no odor formation
  • Leveling of foam through the integrated foam funnel
  • Fine bubble aeration with high oxygen utilization rate
  • Problem free integration in existing plants due to flexible installation possibilities
    • on robust floats in basins with varying water level
    • or with individually designed mounting brackets


  • Long lifetime and minimum maintenance requirements due to high quality machine parts and high manufacturing standards
  • Utilization of existing basins
  • Low investment costs
  • Sludge is maintained fresh an odor formation is inhibited
  • Post-stabilization of sludge possible



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