Centrox Aerator with Gas Intake

Cost-effective neutralization of alkaline wastewater
  • Specialized aerator for cost-effective neutralization of alkaline wastewater with flue gas or carbon dioxide
  • Direct suction of hot flue gas without additional blower
  • Fine-bubble entry and high degree of utilization of the gas with simultaneous intensive mixing of the wastewater to be neutralized
  • No additional measurement and control technology necessary
  • Long lifetime and minimum maintenance requirements due to corrosion and heat resistant machine parts
  • Problem-free integration in existing plants
  • Flexible installation possibilities on robust floats for basins with varying water levels or individually designed mounting brackets


  • Neutralization without the need of chemicals
  • Self-regulating process
  • Long lifetime and minimum maintenance requirements due to high-quality machine parts and high manufacturing standards
  • Utilization of existing basins
  • Low investment costs


Centrox Aerator in a neutralization lagoon of a textile factory
纺织厂中和池中的Centrox Begaser曝气器
在秘鲁用Centrox Begaser曝气器进行污水中和
在印度使用浮筒安装的Centrox Begaser曝气器